Enough Dropped Kerbs In Your Area?

With the increase in the use of mobility scooters there is more need than ever for enough dropped kerbs to be available, fortunately a dropped kerb can serve many people in various situations, outside someones house they allow for easy access onto a persons driveway and for exiting too of course.

They also come in handy for people with pushchairs, those using wheelchairs and anyone that has difficulty stepping down or up onto different levels so its not like they only serve one group of people.

Many neighbourhoods are served well, also some town and city areas but many are not and although it may not seem like it would have much of an effect, to many it can make quite a difference between a fairly easy and pleasant time or one that takes quite a bit longer with unwanted detours

Its understandable that a neighbourhood, or a town or city layout will probably not have been built with mobility scooters and wheelchairs in mind, at least the older and more established areas, the fact that certain areas may be lacking with regards to accomodating people with mobility needs is usually not a case of ignorance of local councils, after all some streets, buildings and the way some areas were planned out years ago dont always lend themselves to a quick modification that suddenly makes a pavement or access to a building easy.

How is the situation where you live? Do you have enough suitably placed dropped kerbs in your neighbourhood? And if you travel though your local village, town or city do you have difficulties with finding a suitable area of the pavement to cross roads?

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  1. Reg hardy
    Reg hardy at |

    As a mobility scooter in New England I have noticed these curb cuts (dropped Kerbs) tend to get clogged with snow left after roads are plowed making it impossible for sidewalk access.


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