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Electrical Plug Pulls For An Easier Grip

Whether you’re an arthritis sufferer or you in any way struggle with inserting electrical plugs into wall sockets as well as removing them then you can appreciate any type of aid for this that allows you  the ability to do this for yourself but without the difficulty.

Some plugs, once in a socket can be incredibly awkward to remove, they can sometimes be shaped in a way that makes it harder for you to get a good grip on the plug.

If you have an electrical extension that you want to remove a plug from too, this can be even more difficult to achieve at times if the extension is not attached to anything and you find yourself trying to push on the extension while trying to remove a plug with the other hand.

Like the one pictured above, you can see how it allows you to wrap your hand around the handle, giving you a bit of leverage and for many people it can be a more comfortable way for dealing with electrical plugs.

With this type, it is not an attachment that is fitted to the back of the plug but is actually part of the plug itself so that you don’t have to worry about the handle area breaking away.

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