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Current UK Weather Conditions And Mobility Safety

storm-cloudsUnless you have been abroad recently and have been lucky enough to escape some of the rough weather that britain has been experiencing then you will have had a taste of how severe mother nature can be when she wants to.

Although we have more than our fair share of rain each year, and were no stranger to gale force winds and other weather conditions, it can become dangerous when those conditions persist over a few weeks, leaving people living in some areas in real danger.

As Cumbria has been hit hard recently, as are other areas each year when we get heavy rainfall, or other weather conditions that are sometimes referred to as freak weather, especially if its not common in certain areas it can bring devastation and even deaths unfortunately.

Even in situations where people may feel that they are not in immediate danger, maybe viewing something from what they may feel is a safe enough distance, it can still put them in danger when the unexpected suddenly happens.

If an individual has mobility needs and if using anything from a pair of crutches or a walking stick, to a mobility scooter or a wheelchair then in most situations the danger for the individual is increased as they may not have the help of someone nearby and this could place them in very real danger if weather conditions cause them to be stranded or unable to remove themselves from an area or a situation hit by bad weather conditions.

Even if you’re venturing out into your local neighbourhood and feel that you will be ok, with the strong winds and sometimes heavy rain that is with it, depending on where you are in the UK it is still best avoided if what you’re going out to do is not important.

The winds may not be strong enough to blow a mobility scooter or a wheelchair over, but if you’re using a walking aid and are usually a little unsteady then it might make even a short trip outside substantially more risky for you.

If you need to go out then of course there’s no need to stay indoors because the weather has been a bit rough in the UK recently, after all, we have coped with a lot worse before.

Just make sure that you are fully prepared, with waterproofs if necessary, even the temperature has been up and down so much lately, one day its milder then the next its quite chilly.

Take care while using your mobility aids out there during this wet and windy time  and throughout the rest of the autumn and winter.

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