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Britains Arctic Return And Mobility Preparedness

With more snow and freezing temperaures expected it is important that you prepare yourself for any journey’s that you have to make, whether local or longer journey’s.

As always, if you dont need to go out then its a good idea not to but there can often be the need to go out for groceries or something else and having someone else go to get your things for you is not always an option.

Using the most suitable mobility aid if you have a choice of them and the option to use a particular one is important, of course this will depend on your own personal circumstances.

Along with the mobility aid that you might be using outside, it should never be underestimated how important it is to be wrapped up well, no matter how short the journey, even if its a 5 minute journey to your local corner shop.

While a mobility scooter or an electric wheelchair doesn’t require scraping ice away like you do with a car, you’re still seated on something that can get a bit cold when its exposed to the cold air.

Whether its snow, ice or a bit of both that your area might experience if the forecast turns out to be correct, we have all recently seen how it doesn’t seem to take much these days for the country to look like its grinding to a halt and whether we just dont cope as well with weather changes now or maybe its how it gets reported on the news is something that i imagine you have your own opinions on.

Although the rest is out of your control, you can do a lot to make sure that you keep yourself safe and avoiding injury and that you return safely back home by the use of the most appropriate mobility products and the most suitable clothing for the conditions.

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