Wheelchair Spoke Guards For Increased Safety And Style

Probably one of the most interesting and attractive features of wheelchair spoke guards is the choice of designs that you can find, from just adding a little bit of colour to really fancy looking designs that can suit the taste of the individual wheelchair user.

Of course, apart from the designs, there’s also the fact that they offer a layer of protection for the spokes and also make things a bit safer for your fingers too.

Pricing can vary depending on who they have been made by and the extent of design on the protectors but you can also find ones that are more simple looking and just completely transparent if that is what you prefer.

Wheelchair spoke guards can be of particular interest to children needing the use of a wheelchair, anything that adds a bit of colour and individuality and allows the child to express themselves with a design that they like makes them a popular choice and of course they also serve the purpose of protecting the spokes.

Most are fitted very easily with cable ties and/or with an adaptor, depending on the spokes, the guards are made to be shatterproof so that they can withstand knocks and vibration and the general wear and tear and movement that your wheelchair goes through on a regular basis.

With your fingers a lot safer, the spokes protected and your chance to make your wheelchair look how you want it to, it’s easy to see the benefits of adding spoke guards to your wheelchair.

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