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Avoiding Theft With A Wheelchair And Mobility Scooter Alarm

As with any type of personal transport, you want to keep it safe and to know quickly if anyone may be tampering with or attempting to steal what you have temporarily left unattended as you go about your daily routine.

With wheelchairs and mobility scooters needing to be left outside of houses and other places from time to time, it can be quite tempting for a thief or mischievous kids or even adults who cant resist tampering, often just for entertainment reasons and usually not understanding the upset that this can cause to a user of mobility aids.

Any way of letting you know when someone may be attempting to move your wheelchair or mobility scooter is useful.

An alarm is actually available that is suitable for both electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters, and it’s one that doesn’t require you to start making modifications, so you don’t need to start dealing with the wiring of your mobility aid,  you just need to connect two wires from the alarm to one of your batteries and you place the alarm itself underneath the seating on your wheelchair or underneath the scooter cowling if it’s to be fitted to a mobility scooter, and this is basically done with an adhesive pad so there is no need to drill or anything like that.

It includes a tilt and vibration sensor, has two remote controls and even has a finder button where you press the button and a loud sound is emitted to let you know where your wheelchair or mobility scooter is.

You can also adjust the sensitivity of the alarm from the remote control with four different levels.

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    I am looking for a neighbor’s mobility scooter alarm like a motor cycle alarm can you send us information on this alarm systems. Tim Doyle. SF CA.


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