Wheelchair Hire Benefits And What To Remember

For those looking for a wheelchair to hire it can work out ideal when you don’t require the use of one permanently but before hiring you definitely want to know roughly how long you will be hiring one for because if the total length of time that it will be required would cost more than actually purchasing a wheelchair of the same type then obviously it would make more sense to buy one.

Depending on where you live, there will often be a business locally who has rental services available on wheelchairs, they will usually rent out mobility scooters too.

A deposit will probably be necessary and is usually refundable. the actual weekly hire prices vary, some start at £10 per week, others start at around £20 per week, where you go and the type of wheelchair that you want to rent will make a difference to the cost but for short term use it can be ideal.

When visiting a local mobility shop with the intention of hiring a wheelchair you should ask them as many questions as necessary so that you know if the rental includes a replacement should anything go wrong with the one that you hire, also whether you are covered by insurance so that you know who is responsible and liable for anything while using the wheelchair.

Hire rates might include discount for longer periods, so 4 weeks wheelchair hire might work out cheaper, for example one week might cost £10 but the weeks beyond that might be at a cheaper rate so instead of it costing £40 for 4 weeks it might only cost £30, if the person you speak to about hiring one doesn’t mention discounts then ask them as you might be able to save a few quid.

If the wheelchair will be delivered to you, find out if there is a delivery charge, and also if there will be a pickup charge when you are finished with the wheelchair and want to return it.

Don’t forget to actually try the wheelchair that you wish to hire, and don’t feel the need to rush your decision, even though you are hiring and even if its only for 1 week, you want to make sure that the wheelchair is comfortable and right for you, any decent mobility shop will be happy to assist you in making the best decision that suits your mobility needs.

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