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Wheelchair Gloves

If you’re using a self propelled wheelchair you will usually need a way of protecting your hands, especially if you’re using your wheelchair a lot.

A good variety of gloves are available, made from various materials including neoprene, leather type and various waterproof canvas and rubber types for extra grip.

Prices can range from around £10 – £25 depending on what type you need and the type of materials that you prefer, some are more suited to light use while others will be better suited to regular heavy use. You can find a wide range to suit all budgets on Amazon.

Some gloves will breath better than others so if purchasing a pair to use them during the summer you may prefer a type that dont cause your hands to sweat too much.

Ideally you might purchase a pair for the summer and a pair more suited to the cooler months.

Two of the main benefits from wheelchair gloves is protection for your hands and better grip and because your hands and arms are doing more of the work it’s important to protect your hands as much as possible.

With there being a good variety available it ensures that you will find a pair thats just right for you, you can find fingerless gloves, or fingerless but with full thumb padding or full finger and thumb covering and protection.

Junior sizes are available too of some gloves so nearly everyone who wants to use wheelchair gloves can find a pair to suit them.

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