Wheelchair Accessories Adding Features And Comfort

wheelchair-useThere are many different types of accessories available that you can purchase for your wheelchair, from attachments to bags to help carry your personal belongings and shopping as well as cushions to provide you with extra comfort while using your wheelchair.

In the UK you can find some handy accessories that will be good to have with you at all times incase you have minor difficulties with your wheelchair, for example you can buy puncture sealant that can be using to quickly solve the problem of a puncture in air filled tyres.

Other handy accessories available are cup holders, while using a wheelchair you want to be able to put certain things temporarily out of the way while at the same time having them close by for your convenience, and a cup holder, easily attached to your wheelchair can make it very easy for you to store a drinks can safely but still within easy reach.

There are also crutch and walking stick holders available so if you need to have either of these with you while using your wheelchair you can easily take them with you by usually having the holder attached to the back of your wheelchair where the crutches or walking sticks can be stored in a vertical position.

For added comfort while using your wheelchair, especially if using it for a longer period or during the winter you can buy wheelchair cushions that are often covered in canvass or vinyl making them easy to clean too and giving you comfortable seating.

The cushions available start at very affordable prices but if you require something of a very high quality and more specific support and not just for added comfort then you can pay over £200 for a good quality product, but it can be seen as money well spent if it improves the users seated position and comfort.

There are more wheelchair accessories available but above are some of the most common ones that you will find and some that you may consider purchasing to improve your comfort and add benefit to your wheelchair’s features.

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