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Underseat Wheelchair Bags

Have you noticed how some of the bags that can be fitted to wheelchairs are the type that go on the backrest of the wheelchair? This is handy in many cases and you can fit a fair amount of items in them but sometimes it’s a less suitable storage space for a few reasons.

One of those reasons is that if you are out on your own, then to get to anything in the bag you have to get out of your wheelchair and walk around to the back of the wheelchair to take something out of the bag or to put something in it.

There’s also the fact that you cant keep as close an eye as you may like to on the bag behind you, you may not have anything valuable in the bag but in certain situations it wouldn’t stop a less than honest person maybe slipping a hand into your bag behind you when you’re distracted.

A storage area that may suit you more at times is to have an underseat bag attached to your wheelchair, it means that you may find it easy to reach forward and put something in the bag or remove an item because its closer for you to access, this will be dependant on any difficulties that you may have of course.

This method of storage is safe regarding weight balance as the bag is directly under the seat and you may feel more relaxed knowing that any items in the bag are directly underneath you and not out of view behind you.

An underseat bag wont affect the positioning of your legs either as these types of bags are designed to fit neatly underneath the seat and not protrude in any way so they dont affect comfort or normal use of your whelchair.

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