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Padded Wheelchair Cushions

With comfort being an important factor when using a wheelchair it’s important that for long periods of use that you have good seat padding that can also help to relieve and prevent pressure sores.

But the seat of the wheelchair is most likely not the only area that you require enough comfort, it’s important that your back doesn’t get sore and even the arm rests should provide enough comfort so that overall you can enjoy your time in the wheelchair and not become distracted by pains caused by a lack of cushioning and comfort.

A padded wheelchair cushion, like the one above, provides extra padding in all of the areas that matter, rather than just extra padding in the seat area.

You can get comfortable with this type of cushion as it provides extra padding in all of the right spots, and because it’s one piece it makes it easy to put into place and to remove.

Underneath they are usually waterproof so that you have no worry of the cushion absorbing moisture.

You can rest your arms or have them down at your sides and if the weather is cold then this extra padding is going to give you quite a snug feeling when combined with a cover over your lap or any type of leg or body weather protection.

A full padded wheelchair cushion costs start from £25 but the extra comfort that you can gain from one makes it well worth the investment. There is a wide range available on Amazon.

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