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Keep A Wheelchair Tyre Pump Handy

wheelchair-tyre-pumpSome wheelchair accessories are the type that you want to keep close by, preferably attached to your wheelchair in some way, even if you don’t need to use the accessory everyday, it can be handy having it there ready and saves you time hunting around for it.

A tyre pump may not be the type of thing that you need all of the time, but if you do keep one attached to your wheelchair then you can relax knowing that it’s there and ready for you immediately if your tyres need to be pumped up.

Because a tyre pump doesn’t weigh very much at all and can easily be clipped to your wheelchair, it is not something that is going to cause any balance problems to your wheelchair and wont get in the way either.

A clip on bracket allows you to attach the pump to the wheelchair easily so that any time you are out and about, you’re prepared, for example in the case of having a slow puncture, at least you have a way of being able to get your tyre inflated enough to get you to where you are going or back home.

A wheelchair tyre pump can be purchased from bin-to.co.uk

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  1. Jeff
    Jeff at |

    It also never hurts to have a cup holder handy. This one’s on eBay and Amazon (more expensive on Amazon however), but also through that site I linked, which the wife and I used the coupon code “$5off”, but not sure if it’s still active. Never hurts to try, just leave off the quotes.

  2. Shirley king
    Shirley king at |

    I need a pump for my wheelchair can’t find one nowhere my chair is by free to be ,can u help my phone number is 07474350395


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