Folding Wheelchairs

The benefits of having a folding wheelchair can be noticed not only for travel reasons but also when storage space is limited and the ability to be able to fold the wheelchair and store it in a smaller area of your home can make a big difference.

Many of the lightweight and standard weight wheelchairs available on the market can be folded as well as the bariatric wheelchairs.

A folding wheelchair is designed to require minimal effort to take it from a folded state to being ready for use and vice versa and is also designed to withstand the regular movement of the wheelchair parts in order to change its state.

Although a folding wheelchair is made to withstand the extra movement, many will still endure more wear and require a little more maintenance than one that is of a rigid frame.

As you can see there are pros and cons with owning a folding wheelchair and it depends on what you may need from yours, some folding wheelchairs will have a lower performance than a rigid chair but you may need the folding capabilities more than anything so the choice is often dependant on your individual needs and requirements.

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