Convenience With A Wheelchair Lap Tray

Sometimes it’s not necessary to be seated out of your wheelchair and in a recliner chair if you are intending on staying mobile for a few hours and wish to have the readiness of still being in your wheelchair while being able to deal with a few things during that time.

From having a cup of tea to signing paperwork or a cheque and enjoying your hobbies you can perform all of these a lot easier with a wheelchair tray.

They are usually positioned just above your lap and provide a level and steady work area as well as somewhere to place a cup of tea or coffee while chatting with relatives and friends.

Many of the trays available go across the full area of your lap and tend to curve and wrap around the side of your waist area but still leave enough breathing room, then there are the type that cover most of one side (half lap tray) and can either be fitted to the left side or the right, usually with a cup placing area, similar to the full sized wheelchair trays.

All wheelchair trays can be wiped clean so they are suitable for cups and small plates as well as anything else that you wish to place on the tray, they can even come in handy at times as simply a place to rest your hands and arms on.

A simple addition for a wheelchair but with multiple uses and allowing you to do a variety of everyday tasks while still seated in your wheelchair.

You can usually pick up a wheelchair lap tray for about £18 upwards for a basic moulded one and if you require a half lap tray they can cost considerably more, usually from around £70 upwards.

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  1. Duncan Edwards
    Duncan Edwards at |

    The very best wheelchair trays are called trabasacks and can also be used and carried as a bag. Your photo is not working BTW.


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