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Calf Straps For Wheelchairs

When using a wheelchair, anything that can add comfort and support is important, especially if it wont cost you too much.

A lower part of the wheelchair is where added support can sometimes be overlooked, as often people may look to improving the cushion of the seating area but lower down is where some added support can make quite a difference.

Calf straps that can be attached between the two front wheel leg areas to provide a place for your lower legs to rest back on can provide added comfort, it supports the calf area and can provide relief.

They are strong but not rigid to the point of pressing hard against the back of your legs, instead the strap will have a tiny bit of movement in it as your calf muscles rest against it.

The straps will fit most sizes of wheelchairs and are easily fastened and can be easily removed when not needed.

Usually costing less than £10 it can make quite a difference and you most likely wont need to replace a calf strap with a new one for a long time.

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