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Walking Sticks With Seats

When you’re out walking there are not always places where you can sit down to take a rest or seating that you do see available may sometimes be vandalised or dirty and you may be reluctant to use the provided public seating.

Having someone who is with you carry a seat of some sort for you may not be a practical option but you dont want to have to rely on public seating if you can avoid it.

There are fortunately walking sticks with seats, they come in various designs and some are more suitable to a person with mobility needs than others, but for the ones that are suitable they usually come with a design that folds out into a tripod so that you have enough support and enough of a seating area to sit down properly, providing a temporary means of resting wherever you are.

The handles are usually different from your average walking stick, often with the handle being moulded plastic and providing a different style of handle and holding of the walking stick.

They are not suitable for everyone and some people may not be comfortable with the walking stick and prefer or specifically need the use of their usual walking stick, but where an individual just needs that bit of support that a walking stick provides and also a temporary seat wherever they may be then seat and walking stick combos can be useful.

They will often be made of aluminium so that they’re strong yet lightweight enough to carry, or for a companion to carry it for you.

Prices can start from around £20 – £30, and like most options within the mobility market you can pay more depending on your requirements, the build quality of the product and the materials used.

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