Walking Stick Wrist Straps

When you’re using a walking stick you can sometimes find yourself looking around to place it somewhere for a moment as you deal with things like paying for your shopping or dealing with something else.

The thing is there’s a chance of the walking stick slipping or you not being able to find a place to rest it for a moment and many users prefer to keep theirs as close to them as possible.

A solution to this can be to purchase a walking stick wrist strap, often they will be made of a leather type of material and the one end fits tightly around your walking stick, near the top just underneath the handle, then there’s basically a loop where you can slide your hand through.

They are designed to be loose so you wont have the strap fastened around your wrist but rather its just looped around your wrist and what this enables is the walking stick being able to dangle underneath your wrist and hand as you deal with whatever it is that you may have to do for a moment, then when you’re ready to take hold of your walking stick again its a lot closer to your hand already.

A wrist strap can also prevent you from completely dropping your walking stick, very useful if dropping your walking stick would cause great difficulty for you in trying to pick it up again.

A walking stick wrist strap wont cost you much at all either, with around £6 buying you a decent one and it should last you for quite some time too.

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