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Walking Stick Anti-Slip Ice Grip Attachment

Although British winters are not always as severe as they used to be, there are still parts of the country that get quite harsh winters and make conditions for walking more dangerous.

There’s also the possibility of travelling abroad and going to a country that is currently experiencing their winter and have snow and ice on the ground.

It poses quite a challenge when you rely on a walking stick and need to know that you have decent support and grip while you’re walking.

An Anti-Slip Ice Grip Attachment is available from some walking stick retailers that can be attached to any walking stick near the bottom that gives the end of your walking stick short spikes that can dig into ice on the pavements, roads and country paths so that there’s less chance of your walking stick and yourself slipping.

The attachment can be removed when the weather no longer requires the ice grip attachment.

You can usually purchase an ice grip attachment for under £15.

This way you can still get around safely during those harsh winter months and while using your usual walking stick that you’re comfortable with.

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