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Walking Frames That Fold For Taking In Cars

As popular as walking frames are, you will have noticed that although they are light and easy to use, they are not always easily stored, trying to place a walking frame into some cars may cause a few problems if there is limited space or you may find that the frame fits in ok but still seems to take up a lot of space, so that you cant fit other items or passengers into the car as you would like to.

A solution to this is the availability of a folding travel walker, you still have the same support that you would expect from the frame but with the added benefit of being able to fold it down so that it will fit very easily into a car, a folding walking frame will take up much less room and is easily assembled back into the normal position so that it is ready for you quickly when you are ready to use it again.

A frame of this type is designed and intended to be used regularly too so it will withstand regular folding down and assembling no matter how often you need to do this.

A folding walking frame usually wont cost much more than a standard one, with some being available for between £30 – £40.

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