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Walking Frame Glide Skis

walking-frame-glide-skisIt sounds comical at first doesn’t it, glide skis, because gliding, skis and mobility are not usually words that you would find grouped together but give me a moment to explain and you will see how these additions that can be added to your walking frame might help you.

Generally a walking frame is there to assist and it should require as little effort as possible for the person to use as the user doesn’t need anything that is going to make it even more difficult to get around, so walking frames are designed with that in mind.

Sometimes though a small addition can make quite a difference and an example of this would be the walking frame glide skis that you see pictured above.

They can be fitted to the back legs of a wheeled walking frame and allow it to glide, though not too freely so as to be dangerous, but enough that it makes it easy for the user to move the frame forward.

Whether they would be suitable for outdoor use is questionable because I imagine that they might wear down too quickly so are probably more suited to indoor use, but they definitely can assist the user in moving the walking frame around as easily as possible.

They are priced at £13.65 inc VAT each and are available at epc-wheelchairs.co.uk

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