Walkers And Rollators Keeping People Moving

Mobility Walkers can give you the stability and needed support while outside and around the shops that a Zimmer Frame can but with the ease that the walker is on 4 wheels and does not require for you to lift it to take a step forward.

Walkers can also be known as Rollators, for the reason that they roll under the motion of the user slowly moving the device forward.

A mobility walker is not suitable for all people needing assistance while walking, for example a person with grip and stability problems in their hands, arms or wrists would possibly not be suited to using a walker.

Available in 3 wheel and 4 wheel varieties, it is common for a walker to also have a basket attached on the front, as well as breaks fitted to each handle for relatively easy control of the device and enabling the user to secure the walker temporarily in position while taking a rest or waiting to cross at roadsides.

The handles height can usually be adjusted to suit the user and a walker can usually be folded so that they can fit into a car boot easily or can be stored appropriately within the home.

Walkers and Rollators can be used indoors too and individuals within care homes would probably find good use of these where there may be extra room to manoeuvre.

Prices can start at around £45 and can go up to around £200 depending on requirements, but for a basic mobility walker it wont be expensive to get a fairly standard one.

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