Tripod Walking Sticks

While a standard walking stick can provide support for a person, and a zimmer frame can provide a balanced support for a person a tripod walking stick can provide a bit of both of these benefits as you have the choice to manoeuvre the way that a walking stick allows but should you be a little unsteady on your feet you have peace of mind that the tripod is able to provide you with extra support because its balanced by three legs.

The use of a tripod walking stick is handy when you may not need to use a zimmer frame and where a walking stick is enough but a standard walking stick may leave you feeling unsure of your ability to stay balanced, so the tripod allows for that extra needed support and also for you to be able to relax knowing that there is greater stability.

Tripod walking sticks are generally not expensive either so you won’t find yourself having to pay much more than the cost of a standard walking stick.

You can see a good range of tripod walking sticks here.

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  1. James donnachie
    James donnachie at |

    Hi I’m looking to purchase a tripod walking sticks for my 8 year old son. Any ideas where I could purchase 1 from please ?


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