Reciprocal Walkers

Most people will be familiar with the look and operation of a standard walker (zimmer frame) and the basic design that they have but there is also one designed that can be moved forward one side at a time, so rather than moving the whole frame forward you move the side forward that you are taking a step with at the time, then the other side for your other foot so that you move in tandem with the walker.

You still have the benefit of the frame being lightweight enough for easy movement, and full control over the frame but with the advantage of being able to move forward one side at a time meaning that you always have a side of the frame touching the ground and giving you an added feeling of stability.

A reciprocal walker will give extra balance and stability to a user that is more unsteady on their feet and gives them the feeling that they have something secure and in place to help them balance and provides good support when they need to rest.

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