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Padded Handle Covers For Crutches

Crutches provide great support and enable many people to get around easier but when using a set of crutches it requires a fair amount of grip on the handles by the user and this can become a little sore for the user at times.

You need some extra padding in this area to make it more comfortable while still being able to get a normal grip on the handle.

There are padded covers that you can purchase for the handles that can be placed easily and attached securely enough that they wont slide and instantly provide you with a much more comfortable grip.

Even though the skin on your fingers and the palms of your hands can thicken to adapt to regular pressure on them, the hands are still an area of your body with a low amount of fat and muscle to cushion the pressure so anything that can help relieve some of this pressure against your hands will make it much more comfortable for you while using crutches.

Padded handle covers usually start at around £10 and slightly under but you can pay up to around £40 depending on what they are made of.

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