Orthopaedic Walking Sticks

When looking for an orthopaedic walking stick you will notice how many of these sticks are moulded to allow the majority of the palm of the hand to take place and rest on the stick.

Usually available in both left and right handed versions they will generally not be priced expensively and a basic orthopaedic stick can start at around £15 to £20.

Spares can be easily purchased for one of these sticks, including a rubber ferrule, wrist strap, anti slip grips, cane holders and more.

This style of stick is also designed to be comfortable, as it spreads the weight evenly across the palm and helps to prevent a pressure point from building up, in general you will get the support you need without putting uneccessary strain on your hand or wrist.

You can also buy folding orthopaedic sticks for easy storage.

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  1. Contax
    Contax at |

    I can confirm these adjustable aluminium walking sticks with arthritis handles moulded to fit palm of hand are really great if you need to put a lot of weight on the stick, I have a pair (left & right), I lost one and ended up paying £21 for a replacement on the internet, I have since been offered them at £16, now I have wrist straps on all my sticks in house and in car they only cost me £1.65 each including postage on eBay, I also bought a couple of similar adjustable sticks with wrist straps for £4.99 at Lidl to carry on my mobility scooter. I suffer from severe osteo arthritis and my doctor refered me to social services disability section who issued me with a walking frame, a pair of arthritis sticks, bath seat, raised toilet seat, shower grab rails, raised one armchair and a box step, I had to pay for the shoe horn but they wanted me to accept more items but my bungalow is to small, I understand if not refered by your GP you have to pay so pays to chase up your GP first.


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