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More Ground Contact With A Flexible Ferrule

flexible-ferruleDepending on how you use your walking stick there can be times when only a part of the ferrule of the walking stick is in contact with the ground, that’s the rubber part that you see on the end of the stick.

Ferrules are available to purchase to replace the worn-out one and they are easy to fit but for around about the same price you can purchase a flexible ferrule and how it works is that the flat bottom can stay touching the floor or ground completely while your walking stick can be at an angle so that you benefit from the ferrule having better contact with the ground while still having normal use of your walking stick.

You can pick up a flexible ferrule for under £3 and they are well worth it for added safety and piece of mind knowing that not just the edge but instead the whole bottom of the ferrule is touching the floor or ground as you walk.

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