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Getting Around With A Bariatric Rollator Walker

bariatric-rollatorAs some people like the use of a rollator and some of the added features that you get with one, like the brake levers that are attached and a carry and storage area where you can keep a few items as well as seating, they are popular with people who have limited strength and grip, as well as larger individuals needing a suitable walking aid.

For a larger person, they may find a standard sized rollator less suitable, fortunately there are rollator walkers that are specifically designed for larger individuals.

A bariatric rollator will have a wider frame but not so wide that it will cause any problems as you pass through a doorway with it, the frame itself is not designed to be heavy as the issue is not how heavy the frame needs to be but how strong to provide enough support and a bariatric rollator is specifically designed to support a heavier body weight easily.

Another benefit is the seating area of the rollator, any user who needs to take regular breaks while walking will appreciate being able to side down on the rollator whenever they need to.

A bariatric rollator walker will usually support up to 40 stone in body weight, both as a seat and when the walker is in use to move around.

The brake levers are designed to require minimal pressure for the brakes to take hold so if strength and grip pressure is an issue for the user then they wont be needing to exert themselves to apply the brakes safely.

Bariatric rollator walkers are foldable too for easy storage and transport in vehicles, pricing is often around £200 – £300 depending on the model that you choose, some may have more wheels than others, depending on design but all are specially designed to support the larger individual safely and comfortably.

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