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Adjustable Walking Sticks For Length Flexibility

Some walking stick users dont necessarily want a walking stick that is cut exactly to size as although this may mean an ideal length for them, there is no option for extending it or making it shorter temporarily, should they want to.

For people that want flexibility regarding the above, they can choose an adjustable walking stick also known as telescopic.

The difference that many of them can be adjusted by is usually up to around 20cm in extra length and the adjustment is designed to be as easy as possible, only requiring you to loosen a screw lock and toggle, adjusting to the desired length then locked into place with a tightening of the screw and toggle.

Adjustable walking sticks can be picked up new for around £20 and if you prefer a more modern looking one you can find various metallic colours available.

As long as it is locked into place properly after adjustment, you have no worry of any movement and can enjoy the added flexibility of being able to change the length of your walking stick as it suits you.

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