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A Forearm Walker For Extra Comfort And Support

forearm-walkerFor some people that need to use a walking frame they may not find the standard type suitable for them, issues with grip and the persons own disabilities may make it more difficult to grip the frame in the usual hand grip area and this could cause the user to feel more unsteady and vulnerable.

What may be more suitable for some users is a forearm walker, there are padded cushion areas on each side section of the frame and the frame is height adjustable so that the person can rest their forearms on the frame which can create more of a secure feeling for the user and better balance and allows them to rest comfortably in between movements.

There are upward facing handles at the front ends of the forearm cushions for the user to grip with their hands, this mean that the user has a comfortable grip without downward pressure on their hands and comfort for their forearms and a much easier resting position.

Castors on the front aid the user in moving forward, with rubber tips on the back legs of the frame for safety when stationary, the frame is still lightweight but also still able to support substantial bodyweight like other types of frames available, the max user weight is up to 25st.

If you find the usual type of walker less suitable for you, you may get on better with a forearm walker and feel more steady with a frame of this type.

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