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Being Aware Of Mobility Scooter Theft

Many people like to think that certain belongings will be quite safe if left unattended for a short time, especially if you’re in a low crime area and when it comes to mobility aids then surely most people will have morals right? Surely they wouldn’t dream of stealing a mobility scooter, knowing that the user is in need of it.

Sadly though we live in a society where there’s always a handful of people who wouldn’t give a second thought about how it will affect the owner if their mobility scooter is stolen.

No matter where you need to leave your mobility scooter, whether its outside a shop or left near the front door of a friends house that you’re visiting you need to be aware that its a temptation and a possible quick earner for those looking out for them, as well as from opportunistic theft.

Because of the risk of yours being stolen its worth considering insuring your mobility scooter as the last thing that you need is to become a victim of theft and then end up severely out of pocket if yours is not covered.

There are also alarms suitable for mobility scooters and anything that inconveniences a thief or puts them off completely is a worthwhile investment.

Never think that it wont happen to you and never underestimate the short space of time that it takes for your mobility scooter to literally be lifted and loaded into the back of a waiting van or a trailer and taken away.

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  1. Denis Downes
    Denis Downes at |

    I never thought anyone would want to steal a mobility scooter or that it would happen to me. I left my scooter outside my dentist’s premises for 50 minutes and when I returned to it, a plastic cover over the hooter wires had been prised off and was left dangling. The hopeful thief thought that he he could do a “hot wire” job on the control wiring, but gave up when he saw only the hooter wires. I was impressed by the police interest in the incident. They regarded it as an attempted theft and sent an officer to interview me. Be warned!

  2. Sue
    Sue at |

    Can you get anything to stop them from just knocking it out of gear and just pushing it away and worry about the key once they are away. I would love to be able to leave mine outside the doctors surgery so I don’t have to rely on getting a friend to drive me there. Also, I don’t know if this was just a fluke but mine and my sister’s key fit each others scooters.


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