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Insuring Your Mobility Scooter

When purchasing mobility products the thought of insurance may not be the first thing on a purchasers mind but with mobility scooters costing a considerable amount of money it is definately a product worth insuring.

While for most people, a mobility scooter will be generally easy to use but there is always the chance of an accident happening while using one, even if only a minor accident.

Most of the time you will probably have your mobility scooter stored safely and quite securely but theres a risk of being the victim of a theft or even damage occurring to your scooter through some unforeseen situation and if your mobility scooter is not insured you could find yourself having to replace it all out of your own pocket.

The ownership and use of a mobility scooter can open up a whole range of possibilities, mostly the benefit of being able to get out and about but also the risk of small accidents, for example hitting a pedestrian accidentally or a parked vehicle.

While you may have home insurance and contents insurance a policy of home contents insurance will often only cover your belongings while they are within the property, so having individual cover for your mobility scooter can be good so that you are covered against possible accidents, thefts and damage while out using your mobility scooter.

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  1. Contax
    Contax at |

    I wish someone would bring out an option to add this to our home or car insurance, all I want is third party cover but all the policies I have found try to cover everthing but with many restrictions, maybe ok if you are an every day/week users but for occasional use it is a bit much, it only costs me £12 more a year to cover my car fully comp, £100 excess, protected bonus with a value of £6000 for 3.000 miles a year. I asked RAC if they could add my scooter to my full car cover in case of breakdown but they say they can’t as they would be done for dicrimination if the person being rescued could not manage to get into the recovery truck, I am sure they could recover the scooter and arrange a taxi for person at persons own expense if agreed at time of taking out cover, I am looking for a taxi firm with a mpv that could pick me up with my scooter for an extra fee, come on taxi firms more business for you.

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  3. Contax
    Contax at |

    I went into nearest Taxi office in town about 5 mile from where I live and explaind my situation of being stranded with my mobility scooter, they said they would come out to pick up me and my scooter but to ask for vehicle with ramp access for me in my large wheelchair. I must not mention recovery of my scooter as they are not insured for recovery.
    He gave me some cards so I keep them with me, if ever I need a Taxi I will use him.


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