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Bath Steps Making Life Easier And Safer

At bathing times you may not require the use of a walk-in bath but at the same time need that extra bit of help for getting in and out of the bath a little easier.

With a bath step it lessens the effort required by yourself but it also adds to safety too, care still needs to be taken while entering and exiting the bath even with a step but at least you have the added benefit of not having to try and deal with the movement in one go, rather you can take your time a little more while getting in and out.

Bath steps will usually have a padded area on the surface so that it’s comfortable for you as you use the step and also provides grip and the underneath of the steps are designed so that they wont move or slip as you are using them.

They are safe to use while your body is wet so you dont have to worry about wet feet adding to any risk of slipping, though as mentioned above, care should still always be taken while getting in and out of the bath in general.

Usually they will support a maximum user weight of 30 st.

Prices for bath steps can start at under £20, depending on what you need.

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