What The Public Dont See

Some of you may be aware of people complaining about mobility scooter users, in general, in papers and especially online, some of you might not be aware of this.

Although there are a few users of mobility scooters who dont operate their own as safely as they should, the majority do and are courteous, regardless of how long they have been using one.

Some of the complaining about users can then extend to people not feeling that some people really need to be using a mobility scooter, obviously each individual’s need and reason for using one will differ but for users who are usually only seen passing in the street this is harder for a non-user to gauge the persons need to use one.

Basically, what the public don’t see, the struggles that some people experience just getting around their own home, entering and exiting the home threshold, bathing, cooking and even comfortable enough sleeping are all challenges that some people face daily.

Some disabilities don’t look obvious to other people, especially to people without mobility issues, when they see you outside, if they don’t know you and don’t live near you then its easy for them to forget that you have other situations in your daily life that goes beyond your use of a mobility scooter.

You might be using a whole host of mobility aids that fall into the Home Healthcare category and your day might need to be carefully planned for you to get through it at a manageable pace.

It’s completely understandable that some people without mobility difficulties will not realise this, its not unusual to assess a situation as you see it, there and then, without knowing more about another person, nearly everyone does it at some point in their life, but it’s something for everyone to keep in mind.

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