Bariatric Transfer Boards Supporting The Larger Individual

As with all bariatric mobility products, the importance is that it must be able to support the users’ weight, as the ability to support the weight without worry makes the aid itself safer.

And many people with disabilities will know, sometimes the transference from one thing to another is where some of the real challenges can be, and this is where transfer boards really lend themselves well to different situations.

The good thing about a transfer board is that it doesn’t require assistance if you prefer or don’t need an assisted transfer, so when a person is alone, as long as the transfer board is reachable, they have the means to move themselves from where they currently are, that could be from bed, seating, a wheelchair etc.

Most bariatric transfer boards will support around 40 – 45 stone in bodyweight, so you know that you can move between mobility aids and home furniture safely and with peace of mind.

Transfer boards, including bariatric versions, are still lightweight because extra weight of the board is not necessary for the board itself to be strong, it is down to how it is made and the materials and manufacturing process used to ensure its strength.

If you want to purchase one, Amazon has a good range of bariatric transfer boards.

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