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Pedal Exerciser To Maintain Strength And Improve Circulation

pedal-exerciserApart from many mobility aids enabling people to get out and about as well as moving around their own home, they also provide a chance for the user to exercise and to try and maintain strength of various parts of the body.

The movement also helps with circulation which can help someone recovering if they are just using mobility aids temporarily but also its beneficial for the long term user of mobility aids.

To help keep up leg strength and from the comfort of your own home you can use a Pedal Exerciser, you even have the comfort of being able to stay seated in your favourite chair, you just place the pedal exerciser in front of you on the floor, slip your feet onto the pedals and can do a gentle pedal.

It can help maintain muscle in your lower and upper legs and is even good to warm up those muscles for a few minutes and getting the blood flowing nicely before actually venturing outside.

You have the freedom to pedal for as little or as long as you’re comfortable with and by doing it as regularly as possible you keep blood flowing well throughout your legs which also helps the circulation throughout your whole body.

You can usually adjust the resistance setting so that it’s not too difficult for you and the pedals are non-slip to avoid any accidents.

A pedal exerciser can be purchased for around £25 and one should last you for quite some time and provide you with gentle and comfortable exercise any time that you’re ready to use it.

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