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Manoeuvring With A Transfer Board

As people living with disabilities and also their carers will know, its not just about mobility once a person is in a particular position, like in a wheelchair, a mobility scooter or an adjustable bed but also its important that transferring between these aids is as easy as possible, making it as comfortable for the person with a disability as well as a carer or relative who may be assisting them.

Transfer boards are appropriately designed to provide a platform between for example a wheelchair and a bed, or to a toilet, liftchair or anything else where the user needs to be able to glide smoothly and safely from one to another.

One area where they are very useful too is tranferring to and from a car or other vehicle.

Transfer boards can minimise the amount of movement for the user that may otherwise cause discomfort or uneccessary positioning for that person.

Another benefit of using transfer boards is that they can provide more independance where an individual can move themselves from one thing to another, resulting in minimal to no assistance from anyone else, this is welcomed by individuals who prefer to be as independant as possible, it puts the user in control.

Many transfer boards will have anti slip areas on each edge to add to safety, preventing the board from sliding.

There is also often a curve or taper to the board so it provides a smooth transition for the user.

A transfer board will usually be strong enough to handle a fair amount of body weight too, as a safety precaution you should check the maximum weight that the board can handle, this will usually be mentioned on any website selling them or at a mobility shop or even included with the product itself upon purchase.

A simple looking product but providing much assistance when needed.

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