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Lifting Cushions – Assistance When Rising

For people who have difficulty getting up out of a seat it can sometimes be a bit of a tricky moment as they go from the seated to standing position and although they may have a frame or walking stick it can sometimes feel like there’s not much support as they lift up out of a chair and may feel vulnerable for a moment until they are in a standing position.

A lifting cushion provides support for the person as they lift from the seat, the cushion has hydraulics that enables it to support around 80% of the users weight so as they begin to get up, their backside is still supported and makes it much easier, safer and overall more reassuring.

The lifting cushion is not permanently fitted so it means that it can be taken anywhere and placed on most types of seats.

Lifting cushions start at around £120, they have washable covers and are comfortable for the user, usually with memory foam.

They can be adjusted to suit the users bodyweight so that as the person begins to move upwards the lifting cushion supports accordingly.

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