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Steering Tracking Problem On Shoprider Cordoba


Hi, the steering tracking on my shoprider cordoba mobility scooter seems to be out. This is causing my front tyres to wear out very quickly.  Can you give some advice on how to correct this myself.


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  1. Stuart Haddock
    Stuart Haddock at |

    Hi I have just sorted this problem for a friend of mine. Get the scooter on to its side, and you will see on the front your suspention and a extendable bar going to each wheel, by ajusting these you can rebalance the wheels, depending on the wear move it in or out. any more problems with this please contact me.

  2. Tracey
    Tracey at |

    Thanks stuart i’ve established that it is a faulty steering track rod. Do you know where I purchase one of these from.


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