DMA Strider Mini 3 Not Running Properly


My DMA Strider mini 3 new batteries but does not run smoothly just the hint of stop start hardly noticeable at all speeds on the reostat and on smooth shopping malls flooring any suggestions please?


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  1. t. coleby
    t. coleby at |

    question , can you please help , my dad has a whisper mobility scooter, battery charges up ok , and registers full, when you set off (drive) it slows right down and the battery then registers empty, as soon as you come out of drive it registers full, any ideas? thanks

  2. dave evans
    dave evans at |

    i have a days strider scooter. As i reduce the speed by turning the “pot” down, whilst still moving, the scooter cuts outwhen i reach the slowestspeed. Checked connections. checked key switch. should have said the green light goes out but the battery level stays up.Switch it off and on and off we go again until the next time i reduce the speed by turning the speed dial right down.Any advice appreciated. David


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