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Sharing Mobility Related Questions And Answers

Quite often I receive questions through the contact form at the site here related to problems with mobility aids and also questions about where particular items might be purchased.

While I do my best to answer any of those questions that I can, I am sometimes unable to provide enough information regarding the persons mobility aid problem.

So I have decided that when I receive a question through the contact form that I will post that question making it public in a short and individual post, I will leave out names and anything that I feel doesn’t need to be included and by making the question public here I hope that it will increase the chances of the questions being answered.

Whether its why something isn’t working on a mobility scooter for example, or where you can get a specific spare part or anything else, as long as its mobility/disability related then there’s a good chance that visitors to this site will be able to help each other out with helpful information.

I am adding a new category for the questions and answers posts to be listed in.

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  1. Contax
    Contax at |

    Hi, This is a great idea as it will allow people to help each other through many problems, I hope it takes off as I enjoy reading your articles, it’s a great site.

  2. Anne
    Anne at |

    Hi I have a Optiway Fortress 2000FS 3 wheel scooter. One tire is flat from sitting too long. ?????

    email me at [email protected] please

  3. Ann Swann
    Ann Swann at |

    Please can you tell me where the LED lights are on my second hand “Victory” scooter are? I have it on charge but cannot see or indeed find any lights !!

  4. frank evans
    frank evans at |

    I have a sports rider scooter every no and then it cuts out and brakes suddenly, I turn it of, wait a couple of minutes then turn it on ,and it works again, any ideas what this can be


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