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Sharing Mobility Related Questions And Answers

Quite often I receive questions through the contact form at the site here related to problems with mobility aids and also questions about where particular items might be purchased.

While I do my best to answer any of those questions that I can, I am sometimes unable to provide enough information regarding the persons mobility aid problem.

So I have decided that when I receive a question through the contact form that I will post that question making it public in a short and individual post, I will leave out names and anything that I feel doesn’t need to be included and by making the question public here I hope that it will increase the chances of the questions being answered.

Whether its why something isn’t working on a mobility scooter for example, or where you can get a specific spare part or anything else, as long as its mobility/disability related then there’s a good chance that visitors to this site will be able to help each other out with helpful information.

I am adding a new category for the questions and answers posts to be listed in.

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  1. Contax
    Contax at |

    Hi, This is a great idea as it will allow people to help each other through many problems, I hope it takes off as I enjoy reading your articles, it’s a great site.

  2. Anne
    Anne at |

    Hi I have a Optiway Fortress 2000FS 3 wheel scooter. One tire is flat from sitting too long. ?????

    email me at sunydaze365@yahoo.com please

  3. Ann Swann
    Ann Swann at |

    Please can you tell me where the LED lights are on my second hand “Victory” scooter are? I have it on charge but cannot see or indeed find any lights !!

  4. frank evans
    frank evans at |

    I have a sports rider scooter every no and then it cuts out and brakes suddenly, I turn it of, wait a couple of minutes then turn it on ,and it works again, any ideas what this can be

  5. John Edwards
    John Edwards at |

    Hi, I have a problem with my mobility scooter, when going up a slight incline I get a drop in speed by about 50%, green battery lights show full charge but drop down to two green lights when going up inclines. Tested both batteries separately fully charged, one reads 12.9 volts and the other reads 13.2 volts. Did have a problem letting the battery go too low for a period of time. Wondering whether I have a problem elsewhere, could you help. Also seems slower than it used to be before I let the batteries go low.

    Please reply on my email unable to find reply on your site sorry. John

    Sent from my iPad


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