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Pro-Rider King Class 3 Mobility Scooter Not Moving


I have a Pro-Rider King Class 3 mobility scooter which is just 12 months old and hardly used.  Its been parked in my garage for the past 6 months and it was working fine when I parked it up. The problem now is it won’t move. Its  showing fully charged the lights/indicators are working ok and I can hear the contacts clicks on forward/ reverse leaver but there is no movment.

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  1. Bill Reid
    Bill Reid at |

    Hi I have the same model of scooter about the same age and the same problem I tried contacting Pro rider Numerous times and the last contact they said it would cost me £199.00 for the part not including fitting I think it’s the controller that’s not working my scooter has only been used 10 times max & just over the year old

  2. Service Team
    Service Team at |

    Dear Both,

    Sorry you both have these problems, we are very sure that the problems will be very simple to fix. We are unable thou to know what is wrong without seeing the scoooter and will never guess at a fault, we can only go on what you tell us until we can see the scooter!! Please contact us and we can arrange a Full On Site Service for only £80 and I am sure we can get your scooters going again.

    Best Regards,

    Pro Rider Service team
    01604 643512

  3. Service Team
    Service Team at |

    Dear Mr Reid,

    Please contact us on the below number or email us and we will be able to book this for you. We will always discuss with you if any parts are required before fitting them. If it just the brushes in the motor for example we will replace them free on the Service.

    We look forward to hearing form you and if you call during our open hours you will be able to talk direct to an engineer!!


    Pro rider Service.
    01604 643512

  4. james mckenzie
    james mckenzie at |

    good responce from pro rider problem with my road king surgeing going forward and no reverse reported it to road and there sending engineer out within a week good service


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