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Need Solution Regarding Fire Regulations And Mobility Scooter Charging

Hi everyone, as i mentioned yesterday i will be making questions public in the hope that people can help to answer each others questions and here is the first of them.


An individual who’s mother is living in warden assisted flats with a shared entrance is allowed to park her mobility scooter in the entrance area but is not allowed to use the charger because of fire regulations and would like to know if there is a solution to this?

If you are able to offer any suggestions regarding this, please comment below.

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  1. Ian Medcalf
    Ian Medcalf at |

    With regards your question about storing a scooter in warden assisted flats. The Fire Brigade are asking building owners to store all scooters externally and not in hallways, entrance areas etc.

    I am aware of this issue as I deal with Sheltered Housing Managers, and more are asking for options to store externally.

    The metal sheds are ok but not very nice to look at! I am introducing an alternative which is being well received in the public sector sheltered schemes.

  2. Alan Cox
    Alan Cox at |

    I would be interested in learning about your alternative proposal and if it has received any approvals.


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