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Mobility Scooter Brakes Sticking


How do I stop my mobility scooter brakes from sticking? What is causing this and if you know how to prevent this?

If you know how do deal with this please help.

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  1. John Wiseman
    John Wiseman at |

    Mobility Scooter brake sticking.
    The solenoid brake 17.3 watt, 10.0 Nm is removed from the motor and on the bench. Res. is 35 ohms, 0.7 amps with 24volts. Works perfectly for about 10 minutes, gets hot, then fails to operate. 24 volts ok, still reading 0.7 amps, suggesting a mechanical problem.
    I´ve cleaned the moving parts and operated the release lever ok, and see no visual problem. I have thought of air gap and spring tension no action taken ??
    I would be grateful for any advice. John Wiseman


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