5 Rascal Mobility Scooter Questions Looking For Answers

Similar to my previous post of questions, i have put another one together but this time its for Rascal mobility scooters. none have previously been published on the site and the idea again is for anyone who can help with answering any of these to comment with your suggestions.


1. How to find the model number on a Rascal mobility scooter?

2. Why does my Rascal 600f keep cutting out?

3. Need a wiring diagram for a Rascal.

4. Ampmeter shows fully charged but wont move.

5. Looking for wiring schematic for a 235 model.

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  1. John Edwards
    John Edwards at |

    Hi, I have a problem with my mobility scooter, when going up a slight incline I get a drop in speed by about 50%, green battery lights show full charge but drop down to two green lights when going up inclines. Tested both batteries separately fully charged, one reads 12.9 volts and the other reads 13.2 volts. Did have a problem letting the battery go too low for a period of time. Wondering whether I have a problem elsewhere, could you help. Also seems slower than it used to be before I let the batteries go low.

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