23 Pride Mobility Scooter Questions Looking For Answers

There are lots of questions about mobility scooters and some are about specific makes and models of them, the Pride brand being one of them, so I’m going to consolidate a number of them that have not been published on the site before and hope that the community can help each other out with the answers.


1. A red light is showing on a Pride Victory mobility scooter and it wont run, what might be the cause of this?

2. Someone is looking for where they can get second hand parts for a Pride Victory 4, can you help at all?

3. Do you own a Pride Colt and have had problems with it?

4. What is the blade fuse rating for Pride mobility scooters?

5. Can i upgrade the battery on a Pride Gogo?

6. Can my Pride Colt scooter travel on a bus?

7. Can you charge Pride scooters without removing the batteries?

8. Someone looking for a Pride Celebrity replacement key.

9. A Pride Celebrity scooter keeps stopping, do you know why this might happen?

10. How to check the tire pressure on a Pride Celebrity x.

11. What causes a clicking noise from a Pride scooter transmission?

12. How long do the Colt Plus batteries last?

13. How to change the indicator on a Victory 4 model?

14. Why wont the batteries charge on a Celebrity x?

15. Is there an indicator relay in Pride mobility scooters?

16. Looking for Celebrity 3 spares.

17. Where to get a Celebrity x innertube and repair manual?

18. Where to get a Celebrity x sport replacement key?

19. Where to find spares for a Revo 3?

20. Why a Victory 4 keeps stopping and starting?

21. What batteries to use in a Celebrity xl?

22. What causes dead spots in the throttle of a gogo?

23. Why does my Pride gogo scooter keep going even though the brake is on?

If you can answer any of these questions then please comment below, it might be a good idea to refer to which question you are answering to, maybe by the number or any other way that you feel best.

Don’t hesitate to send your questions to me by using the contact form which i read and often publish as individual posts in the Questions and Answers category.

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  1. paul sullivan
    paul sullivan at |

    My colt pride plus will only run very slowly with new fully charged batteries. any ideas

  2. Wanda MacIntosh
    Wanda MacIntosh at |

    sometimes it would shift itself into neutral and start going backwards when on a steep incline.


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