Should There Be Better Mobility Scooter User Training?

As mobility scooters are used on public pavements and some are used on the roads, there are plenty of chances for accidents and collisions.

Although a mobility scooter retailer will usually provide some basic guidance about using a mobility scooter safely and explain the basics of the controls, its really in the hands of the user once the scooter has been sold and is being used.

I think that an actual test being introduced would be taking things too far, after all, the whole idea is to provide assistance and accessibility to individuals with mobility needs, not to hinder them, and simple things should be kept that way, not over complicated.

But maybe more training for people on how to use them in the safest way possible and also some basic guidance of using a mobility scooter in the most efficient way, teaching general safe use as well as the safest and best methods when charging the battery, storing the scooter and anything else that may be useful for the user to know.

Although the speed of a mobility scooter is limited, it’s still a vehicle, capable of being involved in an accident, if a new user is trained to operate it well, knows when they should slow down, if they are allowed to take to the road or not, how to take corners safely and are even taught how to look out for pedestrians and motor vehicles who are not paying attention or suddenly do something which requires the mobility scooter user to react accordingly to avoid an accident, then it could significantly lower the chances of accidents and generally give the mobility scooter user extra confidence and keep them safer while out in public places.

What’s your own opinion on this? Do you feel that mobility scooter retailers already provide enough information and training on how to use a mobility scooter properly and safely? Do you think there should be more in-depth training or should it be left to the user and an expectation for them to be a responsible user once they have made their purchase?

Please share your views and comments below.

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  1. Contax
    Contax at |

    Hi All, I am an ex Class One HGV Driver so feel I am competant to use the scooter but I had to be tested for my car then again for a truck plus a cycle profficeny test when at school about 50 years ago. In Scunthorpe you can a mobility scooter borrow for an hour or two although restricted to a certain area for a small volentary donation (said £1 but I believe should be £5 an hour to be fair on tax payers, it’s still a bargain) but have to go in a quiet period to be tested first so you can show you are fit to use one and understand the problems that can be caused, you then receive a simple card like bus pass I believe (a great idea for every scooter user). I think if no current driving license this could be compulsary in fact maybe we should all have to have a simple check and a simple license issued after all we have to register Class 3 scooters and get a new Free Tax Disc every year, I also think we should have to display a small rear number plate, these rules should apply to all classes of battery powered mobility scooters and include battery assisted bikes that are allowed to go at 15mph. I would like to see cheap basic Third Party or Third Party Fire & Theft insurance introduced with a minimum £100 excess on all policies (could be made compulsary), if need be this could be part of the registration and tax disc procedure and premiums paid to the DVLE if no insurance companies prepared to take it on, I would prefer an option on my home contents or car insurance, (No Win No Fee has made life a liability as it is cheaper to pay up than fight a legal case for insurers). If I can insure my car for £79 why should it cost over £65 for a mobility scooter with very limited cover and loads of get out clauses. I would also like to see RAC, AA, Green Flag and others offer mobility scooter recovery added to our car cover within say 20 mile radius of your home or 10 mile radius of your parked car if out for the day, I would rather have that than european cover and such, they could even make a small charge for each recovery to stop abuse. I asked the RAC but was told equality laws prevented it as if they went out to recover in such a case and person was unable to climb into their recovery truck they may be able to sue the recovery truck owner for discrimination, how stupid these laws have come. If you are unable to get into a truck unassisted they could offer a service where they call a taxi for you at your own cost and they just recover the scooter. I would have thought local taxi firms with disability equiped taxi vehicles could also offer this type of service although the cost would be higher than just a normal taxi. Just remmembered the local council fund the loan scooters I believe so why not set up a test and license system as with buss pass also a recovery service at a reasonable cost as they already have the fully equiped vehicles, look at all the money they pay out on people able to use busses on nationwide joy rides with free bus pass, many of us are unable to take advantage of this tax payer funded facility as we can’t get to and from the bus stop, if we got anywhere on the bus we could not walk far enough to make worth all the hassle and pain, also think of all the other council tax funded facilities we are unable to take advantage of.

  2. Contax
    Contax at |

    Hi All, I went to town today and decided to try out the Free Scunthorpe Shopmobility Scooter Loan Scheme, I had to take a short test in car park to prove I could use it safely and reverse into a bay, I was warned as on this forum to ensure keys are only inserted after mounting scooter and the basics about useing drop kerbs and having respect for other people on pavements also if going into a shop ensure it is safely parked so not to obstruct anyone and remember to remove the keys, I was then allowed my first free loan for 1 hour, I was told if I get a problem to ring them they said any shop will make the call to them if requested and if any incident to report it to them. On return I was given my permit so I may now go any time to borrow a free scooter for up to 2 hours but they do say please would you donate £1 towards service costs each time. It is easier than humping mine up ramps into car when just needed to visit a few shops or market, certainly well worth the £1 taking into account with Blue Badge I also get unlimited free parking near their unit under multi storey car park. At last I found something I get for the council tax I pay besides empting my wheelie bin.

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