Experienced A Mobility Scooter Loan Scheme In Your Area?

A few days ago I read a reply by Contax who comments on posts here and one comment was regarding his recent experience with a mobility scooter loan scheme in Scunthorpe and he was pleased with the scheme and found it convenient and from what he said in his comment, it appears that safety is a high priority as they make sure that you are able to use one safely enough before loaning it to you.

Have you found a scheme similar to this in your area? And how well is it run?

A mobility scooter loan scheme is a great idea if it is managed well, and if there is enough demand for it in an area then it’s something that makes a lot of sense to have in place.

If you currently don’t have a scheme like this near to where you live and shop, do you feel that it is something that you would use if it was introduced for yourself and other mobility scooter users to benefit from?

Please share your opinions by commenting below.

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