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When you need a more permanent place at home to store your mobility scooter you may want or need to have storage specifically for your scooter, even if you have a garage or garden shed you may not have room in either of them or for whatever reason you wont want to use those as storage for your scooter.

Waterproof covers are fine for temporary protection but for better storage and protection you may want to go for a metal mobility scooter shelter.

These are designed so that they are not unnecessarily big and are generally just a little bit higher than your mobility scooter and long and wide enough to accommodate it easily.

This way you can store your scooter in the garden or in a side passage or if you like you could still place the shelter inside a garage if the garage is big enough to allow the shelter and a car or anything else to be stored, providing extra security and protection for your mobility scooter.

Often a mobility scooter shelter can be bolted to the ground too for added security, it will provide shelter from the weather and is even fire resistant in many cases.

Moving the scooter in and out of the shelter is usually easy enough with a short and low ramp usually fitted to the shelter so that it takes minimal effort.

The availability of mobility scooter shelters means that you don’t have to purchase a storage solution which is bigger than what you need it for, for example you can use a garden shed but if you would be purchasing a garden shed purely for the storage of your mobility scooter and know that you wouldn’t be putting anything else in the shed then its taking up more room than necessary and probably would be less ideal when it comes to storing and removing your scooter from the shed.

With a mobility scooter shelter being rigid it will withstand strong winds so even if there’s a pour down and its blowing a gale outside you can rest assured that your mobility scooter is being kept dry, safe and protected from damage while not being used.

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  1. Ms Zebbie Hanafi
    Ms Zebbie Hanafi at |

    Dear Mobilityright
    Re: Scooter storage facility

    I am enquiring about what type of scooter storage facilities you provide to protect a mobility scooter. Is this a portable shed, cover, moulded shape storage?.

    Do you have a catalogue that you can sent to me or do you have any pictures of what the scooter storage looks like on your website.

    If you do have a catalgue could you send this to:
    Zebbie Hanafi – OT
    Westway Information Centre
    140 Ladbroke Grove
    London, W10 5ND

    Thank you

  2. Contax
    Contax at |

    I am fortunate enough to have a garage but I feel there is a case here for an easy to assemble upvc type structure with a slope to roof with a hatch at highest end so scooter can be rolled in in freewheel mode until it touches padded buffer at end then a small wheel chock against rear wheel, the door could then be locked leaving your scooter safe and dry, a power point could be added to assist charging when in store. These could be made from other materials but upvc would be long lasting, simple to assemble and give a bit of insulation.

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  4. Craig
    Craig at |

    Hi all

    Have you looked at the Asgard scooter storage?
    Its ideal if you need to store your scooter outdoors and it even has a plug socket to charge..

    Hope that helps!

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  6. E Pringle
    E Pringle at |

    I need a mobility scooter stowage with he facility of driving the scooter into the shed and then room (or side door) to enable me to dismount and exit


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