Mobility Scooter Repairs – DIY And Professionals

When you’re a long term user of mobility scooters you are bound to see some natural wear and tear of your scooter and may get quite used to the feel and sound of yours so that you get to know when something is not working correctly or needing to be checked out, even before a professional has looked at it.

Depending on a persons disability, you may enjoy fixing your own scooter or have a relative or friends who either assist you or perform any repair jobs on it for you but there can be certain parts of your mobility scooter that are best dealt with by a professional who is used to dealing with all areas of repair on many makes and models.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t attempt some smaller repair and maintenance jobs yourself, especially if it saves you a bit of money, and in some ways, it can be compared to someone wanting to work on their car themselves.

Your scooter is your transport or at least a part of your transport and you may enjoy getting to know the workings of your scooter, its always nice to build up extra knowledge, especially on something that is more specific and not so everyday a thing like cars and motorbikes but wherever you may feel that its best to get a professional involved for a more involved repair then its probably best to do so.

A recommendation of a professional service of your mobility scooter every 12 months is something to go by but that doesn’t stop anyone doing a few maintenance and repair jobs in between that time if they want to and actually prefer to do that.

With a combined approach though of a bit of do-it-yourself and bringing in a professional service person, you can keep your mobility scooter working at its best and at the same time possibly saving a few quid and getting enjoyment from working on it yourself.

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  1. brett
    brett at |

    and if you have the know how – do it all yourself !! – fixing scooters ain’t rocket science ,and i have heard some nighmare stories of people being charged hundreds for so called “servicing” when all it needs is some common sence – there is not much to go wrong with scooters , if the batteries die , change them , but look round for the best price ( and free delivery ) , controlor plying up ?? well with these ,it can be expensive ,BUT again a bit of research ( and may be a few phone calls ) can get you a new one at a lot less than your local “dealer ” will sell you one for , tyers and other bits ?? same again

    what you have to realise is that most of the “so called ” experts in the mobility trade are nothing of the sort , and frankly i would not give most of them the time of day , i have always maintained my own vehicles , rebuilt some from the ground up and i am no way a “trained ” mechnic, but have been complimented by some on the standard of my maintenance , so if you want to do it , take the time to have a look under the hood of your scooter , and see just how simple they really are , remember always , dealers are in this for the money , and so long as scooter owners ,like car owners , wont get their hands dirty , then large profits are to be made ,,, of course i realise a lot of people won’t or can’t do their own servicing , but if you have the skills then why not ??

    1. Andy Hale
      Andy Hale at |

      I dont suppose you have any tips on how to free a seized wheel? Ive got a puncture to fix, the wheel should lift off once a centre bolt is removed but mine doesnt budge. Im guessing it has rusted?

        MR KEVIN A JOHNSON at |

        If you’re pretty sure its rust then try some WD40 and be sure to give it time to penetrate.

      2. Nigel
        Nigel at |

        it may have a woodruff key holding it onto the axle, I had the same problem, my son cracked my gearbox trying to get it off,only to find out it had this woodruff key on it, just loosten the key with some wd40 then take key off before wheel, the wheel will not come off with the key in place,

  2. Contax
    Contax at |

    In my younger days I maintained my own cars even built one from scratch rebuilding engine and gearbox after building the entire body and electrics it was just a challenge in those days but cars have now turned into multiplexed computers.
    I bought a Pride Celebrity X Sport mobility scooter, only used it once in 10 months but it only cost me £899 including a second mirror and heavy duty cover that gets lifted up once a month to charge batteries, it gives peace of mind knowing it is there if I need it.
    I am sure most jobs on it are really simple to do myself but it would be nice to be able to get a manual that explains what needs servicing, what type of wheel bearings are fitted (I think these will be sealed ball bearings same as ones on my small trailer I am just replacing), something to explain the electrics and drive system, I heard Haynes were going to do one but not heard any more of it, I bought one for my car even though I can’t manage the repairs now but it helps to understand about it which can help prevent getting ripped off. Is there a forum of people doing their own scooter & wheel chair repairs as it would be a great one to join.

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  5. alan staniforth
    alan staniforth at |

    i have a pride victory and i had a slight acciden the front cowl was damagedand so there is a gap inwhich there is a gap of 6to8inch square i have the pieces that broke off i wonder if you can or tellmewhat cowl will fit this scooter it a victory apple red in color i would like an answer to my query thank you alan

  6. paul pincott, Sr.
    paul pincott, Sr. at |

    can you help please i have a kymco midi xlforu blue, and the front panel has been damaged can ypu supply this part, and or a service chart for me to do it myself, i had this scooter at 9 months old, i am retired now bad health my background is i was a gas engineer repairing boilers any name any kind, thanks paul

  7. vicky diaz
    vicky diaz at |

    Hi i have a shop rider scooter that does not work not sure what the problem is but i would like to know more less where can i take it to get looked at, i live here in southern california. You can reach me at or 323-864-9302

  8. ryan
    ryan at |

    hi my mum hit a bump and it just cut out everything is working lights etc just wony move any tips she has a celebrity pride

  9. Patty
    Patty at |

    I have same problem of all electrics working but wont move. It is clicking either in the gear box or box holding the fuse. Where do I start looking for the reason? I take apart my transmission/drive and make sure nothing broken there or just to regrease it?

  10. bob
    bob at |

    I have a Sterling sunrise and the on board charger as stopped working, is it east to convert to off scooter charging?

  11. Patty
    Patty at |

    I have an old Shoprider that the charger is external only. The charging is fine. Acts like it wants to move forward or backward by giving gentle movement in the respective direction, but only does this one time then repeatedly clicks while throttle control is engaged and doesn’t move.

  12. Jean
    Jean at |

    My 96 year old dad relies on his 6-7 year old Freerider Kensington to stay independent. My brother could do regular servicing but we don’t have a manual. Anyone know how we can get one?

  13. Olivia
    Olivia at |

    Hello all
    I’m looking to get on to a course where I can be trained to repair wheelchairs Electric manual powerchairs scooters. I keep hitting a brik wall excuse the punn – So far I’m informed only training if employed by the manufactor or I become a distributer latter not wanted Sorry don’t have the mega thousands for stock to get dusty. Previous profession medical.

  14. Angus Dickson
    Angus Dickson at |

    I have a Rascal 388XL Scooter which I have stripped and cleaned. I have tested my batteries, after 24 hours disconnected they read 13.6.
    I still seem to lack power. Would fitting a larger motor help?

  15. Mikey
    Mikey at |

    Hi AD,
    Check that the drive motor brake is activating off when the motor runs. It is usually a spring brake which means that the brake is on when the power to it is switched off.

  16. Angus Dickson
    Angus Dickson at |

    Hi Mikey,
    Thanks for replying.
    I don’t know how to do that, as the brake is in a completely sealed unit.

  17. yasmin bryan
    yasmin bryan at |

    my scooter will not start even with afuuly cahrged battery, and i have hadit for only 4.5 months please help

  18. Chris
    Chris at |

    My dads old silver leader plus 8 or 8 plus, has stopped moving , there is a red flashing light on the symbol that shows the scooter with a P and line slashing thru it, it was dropped when it was removed from a car boot.

  19. Nigel
    Nigel at |

    Hello John

    My dad has a TGA buddy brand new batteries but when he goes out after using for about an hour although its showing full charger it slows down to nearly a stop could this be that it needs new bushes or is it the motor needing rewind maybe or do these new batteries need time ?
    He does say that he can smell burning and it gets hot but dont take that as 100% some things my dad says i take with a pinch of salt.

  20. John Sanders
    John Sanders at |

    Dear Sir. I have a Sterling 4 wheel little gem and i can’t seem to get much speed out of it, i’ve bought new batteries and charged them for over 12 hours, i’ve also made sure the throttle control knob is in the right position and still the scooter will not do more than about 2mph.
    I’d be grateful for any suggestions.
    Many thanks John Sanders

  21. More Able Dave
    More Able Dave at |

    John, I suspect that you need to have your scooter looked at as may need an electronic adjustment to the throttle potentiometer. This is a little speed resistor that the elctronic circuit sees and it determins the speed required as the lever is operated. Some just need tightening others need a electronic set up kit.

  22. Dave B
    Dave B at |

    It does appear that the manufacturers and distributors have got the servicing side of these vehicles buttoned up. I’ve been surprised by the prices asked by manufacturers for lightbulbs. Sunrise quote E7== each when on Ebay the price is E3.25 for 10.
    Repair Manuals appear to be unobtainable and advice is not freely given. Even my usual source of ‘unofficial’ information “You Tube” has no useful content on the subject.
    Try this forum for the best advice I have located

    Dave B

  23. Frances
    Frances at |


    I have a sterling pearl that has begun to work intermittently, the batteries are showing as fully charged, the charger is blinking in the right places, but when i power on, it either goes for a while and stops or doesnt go at all and whilst it does this there si a low intermittent beep coming from the battery pack area….does anyone have any ideas please? stuck without my scooter and am worried if i uise it i will get stuck!

    many thanks Frances

  24. Patrick
    Patrick at |

    Hello I have a 4wheeled mobility scooter invacare Auriga10
    I drove through a puddle which was.deeper than I anticipated. Now the thing will not run I suspect caused a shortage if I take all connections of of batteries and clean and dry everything would that work or do I need new batteries or motor?

    Please reply, Patrick

  25. James Whiley
    James Whiley at |


    I have a Merits Challenger 10 S147 mobility scooter.
    The brakes lock up when you release the wigwag on full speed nearly tipping you over the tiller. The brake works fine on slower speeds, just not on full speed. At times, it will also just lock up and youhave to turn the power off, make sure the speed is turned right down, and then turn the power back on before it will go again.
    It appears to have a new motor installed back in 2010 as it has a date written on the motor.
    I purchased the scooter second hand so I have no idea what has or hasen’t been done to it. I did find one of the connectors that run from the battery to the RHINO box was damaged and I will have to replace it. I am also having trouble finding parts for it here in Australia. If anyone knows of agood place to purchase parts from, please let me know. I don’t mind buying from overseas if I have too.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  26. Doreen Haynes
    Doreen Haynes at |

    ”I have a sterling pearl that has begun to work intermittently, the batteries are showing as fully charged”

    This being a regular fault with my PEARL I have trained my husband to push it

  27. frances
    frances at |

    in reply to the sterling pearl problems, i took mine to a local mobility shop and my wig wag was broken( the piece of plastic that makes u go forward and back on the handles) was an easy repair took him about 15 mins and charged tenner….now wokring perfectly again so worth taking it in and asking for the wig wag to be checked 🙂
    ( still think wig wag is a very funny name tho)

    1. Kenny
      Kenny at |

      I would actually call it a toggle switch as you toggle between forward, off and reverse. Wigwag is a hell of a name though.

  28. paula
    paula at |

    hi there i wondered what the cost is involved to fix the back light on our 4 wheel shoprider mobility scooter? Any ideas as we need to sell it

  29. pete
    pete at |

    patrick feb 17
    sounds like the motor brake has got wet and expanded which will sieze the motor might have to replace the motor. Sometimes if you can take the brake unit off the motor you can then open up the brake unit and remove the brake disc (looks a bit like a clutch plate)dry it out give it a good rub with emery paper then re-assemble it should work if you’ve not done any damage to the motor
    hope this helps (mobility engineer)

  30. pete
    pete at |

    doreen april 23
    also check the brushes as they could be sticking

  31. pete
    pete at |

    james march 28
    the rino control unit can be re programed but you will need to get an engineer for that sounds like the control unit could be faulty if you’re going to buy a new control unit you will need the number of the sid it should say if it’s a 70amp or 110 or 160

  32. Doreen Haynes
    Doreen Haynes at |

    Am taking mine into the mobility centre, whatever the outcome will report it here

  33. Doreen Haynes
    Doreen Haynes at |

    The Mobility chap said it was most likely the battery, I said that the battery was a new one, when I told him that I had found it on line he said ‘oh well you can’t rely on them when bought on line’. I decided to try elsewhere and I have had the pot: replaced for £70 but it still stops on anything over 4mph with the beeping on stopping. So back to the drawing board

  34. Doreen Haynes
    Doreen Haynes at |

    I agree, a years warranty is the same on anything, sadly these people think when your legs go your brain goes too. I have now been told that the wigwag will be replaced, I asked about the £70 paid on the pot, he said he will put the old one back on but the wigwag will cost about the same. you just cant win

  35. Doreen Haynes
    Doreen Haynes at |

    I have taken your advice, searched around and have come to the reluctant conclusion
    that The wigwag is an expensive componant, even second hand ones on e-bay are about £30, with fitting on top I am still looking at £100 +. I cant help feel that manufacturers like Sterling dont make life easy due to their reluctance to share information on their product which leaves scooter owners at the mercy of any repairer.
    So I will bite the bullet and pay out. Thank you for your ear for me to grizzle into admin

  36. George Sinclair
    George Sinclair at |

    I sympathise with all the comments I have read. It seems that Scooter repairs are a closed shop restricted to those favoured or employed by the manufacturers. The same goes for spare parts – manufacturers charge rediculous prices and that spills over into Ebay where used parts are at daft prices! Most scooter repairs, bodywork and mechanical are straightforward but the electrics & electronics strike me as being overly complex – try and find a wiring diagram? Or any kind of repair manual. I repair & refurbish scooters for a local charity and am frustrated by the lack of information. If an ECB fails they charge £200 for a new one. I have been told that most can be repaired for £30! Perhaps some disability groups should petition the OFT about this?

  37. KEN KING
    KEN KING at |

    Hi, I have a mercury 48l,the speedpot is kaput.I have order a new one from the USA £5 free postage against Ebay £29.00.In the mean time can I fit A 47k ohm potin its place until the new one arrives.Also where can I get tech data ie circuit diagrams for theMercury 48l .thanks Ken King

  38. KEN KING
    KEN KING at |

    Hi All. Amerzone now stock Haynes manuals.Hope this helps ken

  39. Julie Shrive
    Julie Shrive at |

    I didn’t realise that mobility scooters had microprocessors till I found the manual today which kick in for safety so if ground uneven or gravel oh dear .Very few DIY persons can’t diagnose this .
    I had to replace a 3 yr old condensing CH boiler after sitting 2 weeks freezing waiting for repair company to not fix.
    I have asked the scooter manufacturers & many service personel they all want to charge a fortune hiring another coming round replacing the £100 battery when must know what problem is ?What next?

  40. LORRYB
    LORRYB at |


  41. Kevin C
    Kevin C at |

    Hi, My wife has a Stirling little Gem 4 Wheel mobility scooter. It has nearly new batteries and she has two sets of batteries. The scooter has stopped working and when the key is switched on there is a bleeping. Just like the reverse bleeping. I went into a mobility shop as asked what was the possible fault and how much to repair. The chap said it sounded like it needed a controller and the part alone would cost £200 plus labour. I have found where the controller is located on the scooter and don’t see any problem in changing it myself. How much should a controller cost and do you think it needs changing? Kevin

  42. sooty
    sooty at |

    first turn off power and push the remote lever into drive .Then turn on power wait 3seconds before attempting to drive . check the connections on the live wire from batteries also ground wires all the way to the motor ,infact you can start from the motor all you need is a bulb with live and earth wire .did you charge the batters with recommended charger if not they may be over charged

  43. Stuart
    Stuart at |

    Hello all,
    I live in central Paris where even now in August 2016 mobility scooters are still rare! We do have cobbled streets and pavements too, which don’t help either MS or scooters, but I decided to buy a second hand Pride Mobility Celebrity XL8 on eBay UK and fly it to Paris to see how I got on.
    The answer is that it has completely changed my life, it’s wonderful, really it is. So I’ve rather bounced around, it’s not too bad because of the pneumatic tyres and suspension, but I do have a growing cyclical rasping noise coming from the wheel/ transaxle area.
    At first I thought it sounded like a stiff cable end brushing past something with each revolution – but a friend and I could find nothing. We jacked the backend up, took the wheels off and with or without the wheels the noise stopped once the tyres were off the ground.

    A bearing? A bent axle? Was it the brake shoes scraping, that seemed possible. On putting it back together and driving it, it did seem improved for a while but more bouncing about and it feels as if there is something wrong with the transaxle.

    I am coming to the UK to pick up another Celebrity XL8 for a MS friend who has fallen in love with mine. I am picking up a guaranteed used transaxle at the same time, it has it’s brake shoes and I plan to find some help to replace my original transaxle myself. I’m rather dangerously guessing that it isn’t that difficult a job….. Am I wrong? Do any of you have experience in doing this? Can anyone recommend someone who could advise me?

    I wish you all well, may your wheels never drop off!


  44. george
    george at |

    can any one help me I have a mercury neo 4 mobility scooter the brakes work but are a bit slow to come on thanks George

  45. fred
    fred at |

    Hi my scooter lights up and is fully charged and i hear a slight clicking coming from the break, but the scooter will still not move i have checked the fuses and all wires and they are solid everything should be as it is anyone help with this problem i have even tried the free wheel leaver and still no joy please help Thanks

  46. helen
    helen at |

    is the oil to go into gear box as i have silver leader 4 she as six lights which show speed can you please tell me if that means she is 6 mph as everyone i asked does not know plus at the moment when she is on speed 6 she goes like 2 mph is there something seriously wrong or can my husband fix it as he is good at cars and he fixed my last scooter .

  47. helen
    helen at |

    hi i just asked you ?about my leader 4 but i also have victory pride who when i brought her had good speed i was told she was 6 mph but now she goes slow like other scooter they both have new batties on them and we clean them inside out every wk with hoover but other day she was comming down hill she picked up speed then it was like she she seized up as i nearly went over the front of her plus she goes on charge for 24 hours i take her out i got up road then charge went plaes can you help i got 2 scooters and having probelms with both and i cant get out ..thankyou

  48. lil
    lil at |

    I got a sunrise exploper 406 mobility scooter all works but its feels hard to turn corners

  49. lil
    lil at |

    hi all I got shoprider and it all works but the sit moves side to side and when u take sit off frame moves side to side please some one tell me how to fix them

  50. Joe
    Joe at |

    Hi can anyone help ,my mobility scooters battery gauge goes from full to empty and back to full but batteries are good but scooter doesn’t loose power.

    1. Stuart
      Stuart at |

      Rather than a battery fault it sounds to me as if you might have a faulty battery gauge, or one of its connections may be lose.

  51. frank evans
    frank evans at |

    I have a sports rider scooter, every no and then it cuts out when riding, if I turn it of, , wait a couple of minutes then turn it on it works, any ideas what this can be

  52. Darren Edwards
    Darren Edwards at |

    Hi, I have a Sterling Sapphire. The gearbox is leaking fluid/grease from where the 2 casings join. It looks like a gasket has gone. Is there anything i need to look out for when i part the 2 casings?

    1. Anne Ireland
      Anne Ireland at |

      Hi Darren,
      Did you get this resloved?
      i have a shoprider that is leaking oil.
      Is it straightforward to repair?
      Are there any guides out there advising how to do this?

  53. Anthony Packer.
    Anthony Packer. at |

    hi, Peter,i have a T.G.A, Breeze s 3, safety switch on accelerator keeps cutting in and out though i am nowhere near the max 8 mph.any help would be gratefully appreciated

  54. eddie
    eddie at |

    Hi, I have a Kymco Aerolite plus which has stopped working. The Diagnostic light flashes three times which according to the manual means , The motor has a short circuit to the battery connection. I have a meter which I use to check the charge level in the battteries which i would use to find the short circuit if I only knew how. Any help would be very welcome.



  55. wagjiani
    wagjiani at |

    hi i have rascal vision mobility scooter which is one and half year old its done only 250 miles from new.i need help to short out this problem .i have had repairer last month done service on that.but since then it playing up .batteris been tested its ok band new charger fitted as well its geting full charge but within 10 mintes of driving it loosing power and slows done.can some one help with this problem plaeas.i lookforward to hear .many thanks.

  56. william k muntz
    william k muntz at |

    hello I have a pride celebrity x 4 whl scooter that has sat in my shed for about 9 yrs. I have replaced the batteries but now its running sporadically . what causes this after yrs sitting

  57. Sue Ashcroft
    Sue Ashcroft at |

    Hi. I have a pride easy rider and am having trouble getting the cowel off. Can you please give me a step by step description of how to remove this. I need to replace the batteries. I have removed the seat and 6 screws, but the plate that the seat attaches to seams to be stopping me from being able to remove the cowel. Should the cowel lift off or fold forward

  58. Phillip cannon
    Phillip cannon at |

    i have rascal 388 xl wont move batteries are good but wont move

  59. Phillip cannon
    Phillip cannon at |

    put new bushes in clean ed inside the motor checked brake put all back together works on a hill but not on the flat can hear brake clicking tried to check throttle pot put screw driver on connectors didnt move but starts to beep

  60. Peter
    Peter at |

    My wife has a kymko midi mobility scooter and was out in it yesterday and it just stopped on her it is fully charged the lights and indicators and horn all work and the free wheel leaver is in drive mode but nothing happens when the leaver is pushed and pulled . I have had a look and can’t find anything wrong all wiring is fine. Can you help please as this scooter is her life line .

    1. Barbara Reed
      Barbara Reed at |

      Hi Peter,
      I had this problem with mine a couple of years ago. It was the Potentiometer. You can buy one on the web sites or get an engineer to fit one for you.

  61. Barrie Green
    Barrie Green at |

    Help !.. I need a foot control for my mobility scooter to replace the wigwag.. fitted via a dpdt switch if required.. how do I di it ?


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