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Keeping A Spare Mobility Scooter Inner Tube

When you are using your mobility scooter there’s a chance that every now and then you may get a puncture and although it wouldn’t be practical or expected to fix it there and then as soon as you get the puncture, it would be handy if you are able to get it fixed shortly afterwards.

For this reason it can be a good idea to keep at least one new inner tube so that if you prefer to do your own maintenance or have a friend or relative do it for you, then you can have the puncture sorted in no time.

Although of course you can repair a punctured inner tube, it can sometimes be better or just as quick to replace the inner tube, you also know then that at least you have a brand new inner tube in place and not one that has possibly weakened through age.

This saves having to wait to get the puncture fixed and in many cases you might find that the puncture is sorted on the same day that you noticed there was one.

You need to make sure that you have the right size inner tube for your mobility scooter making sure that it fits the correct tyre size.

Fortunately inner tubes don’t cost too much and depending on size they start at around £6.

Hopefully you wont experience too many punctures while using your mobility scooter, but if you do it’s great if you don’t have to wait very long to get it sorted and having a spare inner tube handy can make all the difference.

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  1. jon
    jon at |

    Hi John, my partner got a puncture on her shoprider cadiz. I did try to repair the puncture myself, but I have not yet been able to remove the tyre from the rim! I did use two leaverage tools, but these failed to do the job! The tyres are very hard to get off.

    I have no trouble in getting the tyres of my small motorbike, but they will not budge on the mobility scooter

  2. James
    James at |


    I have a Shopping Cart with 350×100 inner tubes. The outer wheel is made of rubber. According to the manual and from my own experience of replacing these inner tube that the rims are made of two half’s joined together with four bolts.
    You need to remove these bolts after you have removed the wheel from the scooter, which after deflating all of the air from the old inner tube will allow you to separate the wheel halves in two and remove the wheel and inner tube.


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